So, about me, eh?

My name’s Tor and I’m a public relations major at Chico State. I love video games. They’re my biggest passion in life, and I hope to one day work as either a public relations specialist for a game company, or to work for a video game Web site. This blog will mostly be about my take on things happening in the world of video games, entertainment, computers, and whatever else I find interesting. I try to inject as much of my personality as I can into my writing, so you can expect to see that here as well. I’m not quite sure where this blog will go but I do intend to use it, so hopefully it gains a following, even if someone just glances at it and chuckles at one of my entries.

For more personal information on me… I have a pet chinchilla named Raster, and love animals. Cats, dogs, birds, snakes, you name it. Except spiders. Um, as I said, I love video games, but I also love computers, movies, television, cartoons, music (particularly that ol’ rock and/or roll, the devil as it may be) and pizza. I’m learning some German as of this post, and plan on learning Swedish as well. I’m a huge fan of Scandinavia, and will travel there this coming July with my mother and sister, so I hope that will be as fun as I think it will be.

Yeah, I’m not sure what else to put here, so I’ll finish it with this. Kay, bye.


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