Time for a reboot!

8 03 2010

Anyone who follows comics (or is at least semi-conscious of them) knows the deal behind reboots. After a story gets stale, you reboot. Maybe change up something, but generally start the continuity over. Comics have been doing this for decades to keep themselves fresh so it’s no surprise to see comic movies doing the same. However, of all the reboots, it’s painfully obvious the most common is the gritty reboot.

Ever since the critical acclaim of Batman Begins, comic book movies (and I suppose a lot of movies in general) have been fixated on the idea that people want grit in their movies. Perhaps games have something to do with it, seeing as a lot of games in this generation are a lot of grey and brown. Regardless, am I the only one turned off by the idea of gritty reboots?

Sure, Batman Begins was nice. It was excellent to see them shy away from the campy, cheesy styling of Batman and Robin (everyone knows what a pile of ass that was) and maybe even take it a bit more serious than Batman and Batman Returns, Tim Burton’s offerings in the early 90’s. Christopher Nolan is an incredibly skilled director who clearly knows what he’s doing, but when I heard the Superman reboot was turning to him, I sighed. The man is obviously painfully talented, but I feel like the studio is just piggybacking off the insane success The Dark Knight received. Didn’t Superman sort of reboot in 2006 with Superman Returns?

That brings me to my next point in reboots: the origin story. Despite how mediocre Superman Returns was, it did one thing right. It didn’t bother telling Superman’s origin story. Superman is one of the oldest comic book heroes. People know his origin story. Batman Begins was forced to spend an hour and a half developing the character when most people know how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. After Sam Raimi fell out from Spider-Man 4, the studios decided to simply reboot the series.

Please, PLEASE do NOT make a gritty reboot, and PLEASE do not waste time on his origin story. If people want Spider-Man’s origin story, they can watch the excellent film from 2001. It’s possible for a movie to be serious without being gritty, and Spider-Man is a prime example. They”ll be using a high school setting for the new Spidey, which would make it a prime example for making the movie more light-hearted. Look at Iron Man (perhaps my favorite comic book movie, ever). Was that film bogged down with grit and seriousness? No! It had fun with its characters, and I only hope the new Spider-Man does as well. Just skip the origin story, would you?




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